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The London Public Houses in the 1944 Post Office Directory - P.

By visiting the relevant London Public Houses, you will find Licensee information, bar staff, boarders & lodgers from Census and Trade Directory information. The East London / Essex / Middlesex areas are best covered, and new information is being added daily.

1944 index

Pack Horse & Talbot, Chas Jn Brooke, 145 Chiswick High Road W4
Packington Arms, Mrs K M Webb & A & Mrs E A Fuller, 125 Packington Street N1
Paget Arms, George W Hawkins, 197 Middleton Road E8
Pagoda, Joseph Hugh Elliott, 64 Tower Bridge Road SE1
Pakenham Arms, Hy Ernest Carter, 1 Pakenham Street WC1
Pakenham Tavern, F M Penney Ltd, 1 Knightsbridge Green SW1
Palace Tavern, Patrick McGrath, 103 Charing Cross Road WC2
Palm Tree, Herbert Edward Lewis, 24 Palm Street, Grove Road E3
Panther, Jack L Purser, 15 Turin Street E2
Park Estate Tavern, Ian Randal St Clair Roberts, 40 Glyndon Road SE18
Park Hotel, George Alex Gill & Albert H Janes, Park Lane N17
Park Hotel, Mrs Selina L Sennett, 81 Portway E15
Park Tavern, Frederick Walter Bliss, 56 Elder Road SE27
Park Tavern, Joseph M O'Sullivan, 75 Battersea Park Road SW8
Park Tavern, T Potter & Co Ltd, 164 Tollington Park N4
Park Tavern, Norman Paget Rice, 212 Merton Road SW18
Park Town Hotel, Rt G Bicknell, 201 Battersea Park Road SW11
Parliament House, Miss Jane Middleditch, 1 Parliament Place E7
Parrs Head, Mrs Millicent Carnaby, 73 Plender Street NW1
Pauls Head, Mrs Florence E Bedingfield, 1 Crispin Street E1
Paulet Arms, W R & Mrs Emily R Sulsh, 19 & 21 Paulet Road SE5
Pavilion Hotel, Trust Houses Ltd, Wood Lane W12
Paviors Arms, Norman Dalrymple Shaw & Mrs Beatrice Rosalie Boydon, Page Street W1
Paxton Hotel, Ernest George Hayes, 255 Gipsy Road SE27
Paxtons Head, William Barker & Son (DDs) Ltd, 153 Knightsbridge SW1
Peacock Arms, Leonard O Golding, 113 & 115 Freemasons Road E16
Peacock Arms, Stanley J Hope, 41 Minories EC3
Peabody Arms, Alec Tobias, 44 Broadwall SE1
Peacock, Mrs M A R Budge & S J Randall, 7 Homerton High Street E9
Peacock, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 24 Hopton Street SE1
Peacock, Jas William Tate, 325 Cambridge Heath Road E2
Peacock, Geo Alfred Williams & Mrs Nancy Davey, 13 Maiden Lane WC2
Peacock Tavern, R V Goodhew Ltd, 11 Islington High Street N1
Pearsons Arms, George Hy Bowes, 5 Pearson Street, Kingsland Road E2
Peeles Hotel, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 177 & 178 Fleet Street EC4
Peeles Hotel, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 1 Fetter Lane EC4
Pegasus, Reginald William Goodman, 109 Green Lanes N16
Pelican, Mrs Emily Gertrude Shone, 45 All Saints Road W11
Pelton Arms, William E Leadbeater, 23 Pelton Road SE10
Pembridge Castle, Mrs Rosina Crowforth, 45 Ledbury Road W11
Pembroke, William Tye, 48 Kilburn Park Road NW6
Pembroke Arms, Mrs Florence A Sneesby, 84 & 86 Earls Court Road W8
Pembroke Castle, George Hy Walters, 46 Bingfield Street N1
Pembroke Castle, Mrs Rebecca Webb, 150 Gloucester Avenue NW1
Pembury Tavern, Cyril Walter Burmby, 90 Amhurst Road, Hackney Road E8
Penshurst Arms, Frederick Rt Eldon, 25 Penshurst Road E9
Penton Arms, Jack Greaver, 54 Pentonville Road N1
Percy Arms, Albert P Costello, 26 Great Percy Street WC1
Percy Arms, George Hawkins, 187 Maxey Road SE18
Perseverance, Percy Chas Bishop, 1 Fenwick Street SE18
Perseverance, Amos Cottee, 1 Lupus Street SW1
Perseverance, Thomas Jn Newing, 11 & 12 Shroton Street, Lisson Grove NW1
Perseverance, Albert Edward Stone, 20 Netley Street, Hampstead Road NW1
Perseverance, Hy D Widdicombe & Oscar Pead, 51 Vassall Road SW9
Perseverance Tavern, Mrs Kathleen Lewis, 194 Southgate Road N1
Peterborough Hotel, C & E Mills & Co Ltd, 65 New Kings Road SW6
Phene Arms, Mrs Amy Bateman, 9 Phene Street SW3
Phoenix, .., 44 Frampton Street NW8
Phoenix, Mrs Margaret Biggs, 12 Harrow Street NW1
Phoenix, Mrs E E Fleming, 14 Palace Street SW1
Phoenix, Mrs Bessie Smith, 23 Smith Street SW3
Phoenix, Ushers Wiltshire Brewery Ltd, 408 Euston Road NW1
Pied Bull, William Francis, 498 Streatham High Road SW16
Pied Bull, Hy Weinberg, 1 Liverpool Road N1
Pier Hotel, Hubert Pitt, 31 Cheyne Walk SW3
Pier Tavern, Jas Herbert Shaw, 283 Manchester Road E14
Pigeons Hotel, William Wood, 120 & 122 Romford Road E15
Pigott Arms, Joseph Isaacs & Lionel I Salmon, 1 East India Dock Road E14
Pilgrim, Horace Evans (Caterers) Ltd, 247 Kennington Lane SE11
Pillars of Hercules, Patrick Corcoran, 7 Greek Street W1
Pilot, Fras W Gee, 174 Deptford High Street SE8
Pilot, Arthur R Saunders, 68 River Way, Blackwall Lane SE10
Pilot Hotel, Jn Raven Cooper, 56 Wellesley Road W4
Pindar of Wakefield, Anchor Taverns Ltd, 328 Grays Inn Road WC1
Pine Apple, David Howard Cross, 7 St Georges Road SE1
Pine Apple, James Hall, 25 Wilfred Street SW1
Pine Apple, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 53 & 55 Hercules Road SE1
Pine Apple, Joseph George Spencer, 51 Leverton Street NW5
Pitts Head, Edward A Parsons, 74 Allitsen Road NW8
Plasterers Arms, Miss O E C Green, 1 Eversholt Street, Euston Square NW1
Plimsoll, Frederick G Welch, 52 St Thomas Road N4
Plough, William Jas Clinch, 599 Harrow Road W10
Plough, L A C Fairlie & E H Leslie,  474 High Road, Tottenham N17
Plough, Harold Green, 53 Fore Street EC2
Plough, Frederick Grover, 193 Cassland Road E9
Plough, Joseph H Johns, 90 Stockwell Road SW9
Plough, London Catering Co Ltd, 196 & 198 Clapham High Street SW4
Plough, Aug George Mann, 381 Lordship Lane SE22
Plough, Rt Jn Martin, 66 Coldharbour Lane SE5
Plough, Jas William Siggers, Plough Way SE16
Plough, Mrs Ethel Amy E Slorach, 354 Hornsey Road N19
Plough, Ernest William West, 23 Homerton High Street E9
Plough Inn, Ernest Chas Cottis, 144 Notting Hill gate W11
Plough Inn, Hy Gentry, Wimbledon Road SW17
Plough Tavern, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 27 Museum Street WC1
Plough & Harrow, ., 55 Battersea Park Road SW8
Plough & Harrow, Davy & Co Ltd, 140 Newington Butts SE11
Plough & Harrow, Old Wine Houses Ltd, 122 King Street W6
Plumbers Arms, Raymond Honey, 2 & 3 Hastings Street WC1
Plumbers Arms, Jas Jn Rt Redwood, 14 Lower Belgrave Street SW1
Plume of Feathers, Harry George Buck, 116 Lambeth Walk SE11
Plume of Feathers, Arthur Horace Palmer, 19 Park Vista SE10
Plume of Feathers, Reginald N Pearce, 282 Plumstead High Street SE18
Plumes Hotel, Trust Houses Ltd, Abbey Road NW10
Pocock Arms, Thos B Williams, 468 Caledonian Road N7
Ponsford Arms, Wm Jas Wright, 55 Malden Road NW5
Pontefract Castle, Mrs Rose Ethel Callaghan, 71 Wigmore Street W1
Pontefract Castle, E J Rose & Co Ltd, 48 Chapel Street, Edgware Road NW!
Pooles Park Tavern, A T & E Anderson, 45 Pooles Park N4
Poppy, Geo Whitehead & Sons (London) Ltd, 276 Edgware Road W2
Porchester Arms, Jn Chown, 3 Leinster Place W2
Porcupine, Levy & Franks Ltd, 48 Charing Cross Road WC2
Portland Arms, Matthew Bailey, 119 Portland Road, Notting Hill W11
Portland Arms, Cope's Taverns Ltd, 60 St Johns Wood High Street NW8
Portland Arms, Jas Hy Hart, Mursell Road SW8
Portland Arms, Herbert Richards, 59 Westmoreland Road SE17
Portland Buffet, Exors of Mrs Linda Meschini, 40 Great Portland Street W1
Portman Arms, Couchmans Ltd, 422 Edgware Road W2
Portobello Arms, Jas Geo Bayles, 248 Kensal Road W10
Portobello Star, David Blake, 171 Portobello Road W11
Pride of the Isle, Mrs Lena E & Jn W Evans, 20 Havannah Street E14
Primrose, Jn Wm C Lynch, 229 Bishopsgate EC2
Prince Albert, Austin & Cyril Vine, 24 Heygate Street SE17
Prince Albert, B & G Cavalier, 83 Clark Street E1
Prince Albert, Reginald Donald Culmer, 117 Edward Street SE14
Prince Albert, Ben Freeman, 29 Elmore Street N1
Prince Albert, 10 Woodfield Road, Harrow Road W9
Prince Albert, Edward Jas Godden, 2 Mape Street E2
Prince Albert, Mrs Ivy Hall, 11 Princess Road NW1
Prince Albert, Wm Chas Allen Hill, 33 Victorian Road N16
Prince Albert, Mrs M Isaacs, 21 Brushfield Street E1
Prince Albert, Mrs Cecilia Knight, 35 Weedington Road NW5
Prince Albert, Dennis P Maloney, 137 East Surrey Grove SE15
Prince Albert, Wm T Mason, 2 Acton Street, Kings Cross Road WC1
Prince Albert, Wm J Norman, 163 Royal College Street NW1
Prince Albert, Edward Jn Page, 119 Consort Road SE15
Prince Albert, Geo Thos Pickett, 37 Wharfdale Road N1
Prince Albert, Mrs Lily Alice Ricketts, 47 Hows Street E2
Prince Albert, E J Rose & Co, 49 Hare Street SE18
Prince Albert, Mrs Aileen Rudd, 16 Elia Street N1
Prince Albert, J H Stanniland & H J Hare, 30 & 31 Blackfriars Road SE1
Prince Albert, Arthur Stevens, 11 Hollingsworth Street N7
Prince Albert, Harry Wing Stevenson, 34 Councillor Street SE5
Prince Albert, Christian Arth Wheatley, 411 Queensbridge Road E8
Prince Albert, Walter White, 72 Royal Hill SE10
Prince Albert Hotel, White's Catering Inns Ltd, 11 Pembridge Road W11
Prince Alfred, Mrs Grace L Barnes, 89 Raglan Road SE18
Prince Alfred, Rd Aug Beer, 7 Poplar High Street E14
Prince Alfred, Ernest Geo Bood, 267 Walworth Road SE17
Prince Alfred, Benj Burrow, 116 Kilburn Park Road NW6
Prince Alfred, Herbert Bruce Colson & Bruce H M Colson, Formosa Street  W9
Prince Alfred, Hy Crouch, 401 Albany Road SE5
Prince Alfred, Geo Wm Haines, 86 Locksley Street  E14
Prince Alfred, Mrs Eliz Laura Hood, 38 Offord Road N1
Prince Alfred, Mrs Edith L Jameson, 59 Drummond Road SE16
Prince Alfred, Geo E Johnson, 139 Marlborough Road N19
Prince Alfred, Arth Geo Morgan & Sydney Herbert Trott, 29 Tufton Street  SW1
Prince Alfred, Fredk Jas Muchmore, 49 Alscot Road SE1
Prince Alfred, Geo Parker, 178 Sydenham Road SE26
Prince Alfred, Thos Geo Rust, 15 Haines Street  SW8
Prince Alfred, Mrs Florence Evelyn Ryder, 118 Marylebone Road W1
Prince Alfred, Geo Hy Spackman, 13 Crowndale Road NW1
Prince Alfred Hotel, Harold Thos Green, 112 Queensway W2
Prince Arthur, Chas Beard, 173 Greenwich High Road SE10
Prince Arthur, Mrs Violet Corcoran, 379 Caledonian Road N7
Prince Arthur, Wm Geo Downing, 80 & 82 Eversholt Street  NW1
Prince Arthur, Alfred I Isaacs, 114 Broad Lane N15
Prince Arthur, Jn Jas McCaul, 10 Golborne Road W10
Prince Arthur, Leslie Arth Phippard, 95 Forest Road E6
Prince Arthur, Wm Jn Pogson, 9 Kings College Road NW3
Prince Arthur, Rt L Seals, 36 Boundary Road NW8
Prince Arthur, Ernest Albert Wiseman, 55 Brunswick Road E14
Prince Consort Mrs Minnie Haycock, 210a New Kent Road SE1
Prince of Denmark, Mrs Alice Annie Sibbons, 151 Junction Road N19
Prince Edward, Jesse Taylor, 97 Wick Road E9
Prince Edward, Geo Taylor, 38 Parkhurst Road N7
Prince Ernest, Gordon McLean, 64 Clarissa Street  E8
Prince Ernest, Thos Frank Longhurst, 131 Hillingdon Street  SE17
Prince George, Daniel Chas L Hobbs, 40 Parkholme Road E6
Prince George of Cumberland, Co McNaughton Andrews, 41 Mackennal Street  NW8
Prince George of Cumberland, Ernest Jn Beale, 195 Albany Street  NW1
Prince of Hesse, Sol Goldstein, 4 Fieldgate Street  E1
Prince Imperial, Hy Chas Ascott, 426 Rotherhithe New Road SE16
Prince of Orange, Thos Gilroy, 244 Plumstead High Road SE18
Prince of Orange, Mrs Mary Ann Mimms, 118 Lower Road SE16
Prince of Orange, Alfred T & Mrs Rose K Woolfrey, 4 Artillery Row SW1
Prince & Princess of Wales, Wm Geo Cotton & Wm Jn Umney, 109 Kinglake Street  SE17
Prince Regent, Chas Edward Baker, 80 & 82 Deptford High Street  SE8
Prince Regent, Reginald C Beak & Thos Gardner, 40 Dawes Street  SE17
Prince Regent, Mrs Louisa Edmonds, 81 Salmon Lane E14
Prince Regent, Alex E McKellow, 86 John Ruskin Street  SE5
Prince Regent, Mrs Mary Ann Musto, 105a Globe Road E1
Prince Regent, Rt Richards, 130 Ethelred Street  SE11
Prince Regent, Rt Tarlton, 201 & 203 Liverpool Road N1
Prince Regent Hotel, Alfred Jn Davey, 69 Dulwich Road SE24
Prince Teck, Coles & Finnigan, 24 Parkers Row SE1
Prince Teck, H H Finch Ltd, 161 Earls Court Road SW5

Prince of Wales, Anthony Chas Adams, 179 Chiswick High Road W4
Prince of Wales, Mrs R A Adams, 8 Kensington Church Street W8
Prince of Wales, Edward Jn Allin, 44 Elizabeth Street SW1
Prince of Wales, J F Barnes & Co, 119 Hampstead Road NW1
Prince of Wales, Jas Bean, 339 Battersea Park Road SW11
Prince of Wales, Roger Beresford, 62 Wellesley Road NW5
Prince of Wales, Brown & Horner Ltd, 274 Holloway Road N7
Prince of Wales, Percy Buckhurst, 13 Hyde Road N1
Prince of Wales, H D Butler & H W Conquer, 23 St Pancras Way NW1
Prince of Wales, Jn Fras Cahill, 74 East Road N1
Prince of Wales, Arth Chas Chapman, 139 Graham Street, City Road N1
Prince of Wales, Cope's Taverns Ltd, 1 Bishops Bridge Road W2
Prince of Wales, Cope's Taverns Ltd, 59 Barnet Grove E2
Prince of Wales, Cope's Taverns Ltd, 342 Caledonian Road N1
Prince of Wales, Fredk Wm Cull, 75 Prince of Wales Road NW5
Prince of Wales, J T Davies & Sons Ltd, 14 Princedale Road W11
Prince of Wales, 91 Wilton Road SW1
Prince of Wales, Geo C Dunkley, 79 Church Road W3
Prince of Wales, 99 Union Road SW8
Prince of Wales, Jn Stewart Eagles & Mrs Rosetta Maria Barnett, 388 Prince Regent Lane E13
Prince of Wales, Chas Frost, 48 Southern Row W10
Prince of Wales, 76 Bishops way E2
Prince of Wales, 146 Lea Bridge Road E5
Prince of Wales, Mrs Ethel Gracey, 124 St Georges Way SE15
Prince of Wales, 49 Knatchbull Road SE5
Prince of Wales, Carol Street NW1
Prince of Wales, Improved Public House Co Ltd, 35 Silchester Road W10
Prince of Wales, Mrs H Jones, 57 Lenthall Road E8
Prince of Wales, Jack E Large, 646 Garratt Lane SW17
Prince of Wales, 23 Queens Grove NW8
Prince of Wales, Levy & Franks, 73 Dalling Road W6
Prince of Wales, 259 Dalston Lane E8
Prince of Wales, Wm H McCombie, 19 Plough Way SE16
Prince of Wales, Mrs Mary Eliz McGuinness, 447 Kingsland Road E8
Prince of Wales, Reginald McHard, 48 Cleaver Square SE11
Prince of Wales, Hy Leonard McNee, 351 Harrow Road W9
Prince of Wales, Dennie Mancini, 59 Kynaston Road N16
Prince of Wales, Chas H Marquis, 155 Upper North Street E14
Prince of Wales, Travis Barker Marsden, 138 Upper Richmond Road SW15
Prince of Wales, H E Morgan, 33 Wilcox Road SW8
Prince of Wales, Mrs Doris Murray, 287 & 289 New North End Road N1
Prince of Wales, 100 Cornwall Road N15
Prince of Wales, Geo Joseph Pizzey, 55 Wall Street N1
Prince of Wales, Harold Poole, 51 St Georges Road SE1
Prince of Wales, Rehm Bros Ltd, 154 Drury Lane WC2
Prince of Wales, Mrs Louisa Alice Saunders, 14 Ruby Street, Old Kent Road SE15
Prince of Wales, Walter Scott, 294 Clapham Road SW9
Prince of Wales, Peter Smyth, Folly Wall, Stewart Street E14
Prince of Wales, Harry Steinberg, 137 Solebay Street E3
Prince of Wales, Mrs Queenie Stietencron, 66 Buxton Street E1
Prince of Wales, Geo Chas Streeter, 144 Mackenzie Road N7
Prince of Wales, Harry Stopps, 137 Acton Lane W4
Prince of Wales, Mrs Sarah Tuffin, 11a Cambridge Gardens, Kilburn Park NW6
Prince of Wales, D Waitz, 147 Greyhound Road W6
Prince of Wales, Hy J Webb & Arth Cecil Blench, 612 High Road, Tottenham N17
Prince of Wales, Thos Hy White, 40 Walpole Road, New Cross Road SE14
Prince of Wales Hotel, .., 1 Eastbourne Terrace W2
Prince of Wales Hotel, J T C Phillips Ltd, Willesden Lane NW6
Prince of Wales Hotel, Victuallers Ltd, 467 Brixton Road SW9
Prince William Henry, Reginald Cawthorn Beak & Geo Harry Blumer, 230 Blackfriars Road SE1
Prince of Windsor, Jn Wm Kimber, 888 Old Kent Road SE15
Princes Head, David Allen, 1 York Road SW11
Princes Head, Mrs Violet M E Bartlett, 6 Princes Street SW1
Princes Head, Mrs Hettie Lyons, 2 Buckingham Street, Strand WC2
Princes Hotel, R H Booker & E J Bond, 73 Princes Square W2
Princess Alexandra, Fredk Wallace Cary, 209 Westbourne Park Road W11
Princess Alexandra, Harold Thos Galsworthy, 95 Portobello Road W11
Princess Alexandra, Alftred T A Riches, 1 Perrers Road W6
Princess Alexandra, Mrs Mary J Weasey, 34 Charnock Road E5
Princess Alice, Albert Harris, 40 & 42 Commercial Street E1
Princess Alice, Levy & Franks Ltd, 13 Murray Grove N1
Princess Alice, Louis Stevenson, 21 Dingley Road, City Road EC1
Princess Beatrice, Rolles Bros, 55 Camden High Street NW1
Princess Charlotte, Hy Crouch, 409 Albany Road SE5
Princess Louise, Couchmans Ltd, 208 & 209 High Holborn WC1
Princess Royal, Victor W Graham, 76 & 78 Paul Street EC2
Princess Royal, Adam & Gilbert Hogg, 47 Hereford Road W2
Princess Royal, David Kleinfeld, 11 Circus Road NW8
Princess Royal, Herbert Douglas Moore-Haines, 25 Warwick Way SW1
Princess Royal, Phillips J T C Ltd, 22 Waterford Road SW6
Princess Victoria, Geo H Brundrett, 9 Lower Road SE16
Princess Victoria, Goodhews Ltd, 217 Uxbridge Road W12
Princess Victoria, Joseph B Winslade, 25 Earls Court Road W8
Princess of Wales, .., 1 Bridport Place N1
Princess of Wales, Baker & Medcalf, 27 Villiers Street, Strand WC2
Princess of Wales, Rd Bush, 22 Chalcot Road WC1
Princess of Wales, H E Deveson & H J Bush, 45 & 46 London Road SE1
Princess of Wales, Jas C eagles, 294 York Road SW16
Princess of Wales, Hy E Hastings & Mrs Doris K Rosser, 25 West Ham Lane E15
Princess of Wales, Percy Samuel Muggleton, 84 Manchester Road E14
Princess of Wales, Alfred H Nichols, 1a Montpelier Row SE3
Princess of Wales, Wm Ernest Pinder, 88 Grove Street SE8
Princess of Wales, Mrs Ada Frances Powell, 105 Dovehouse Street SW3
Princess of Wales Hotel, Alfred Herbert Rice, 121 Abbey Road NW6
Priory Arms, Cyril Oliver, 83 Lansdowne Way SW8
Priory Tavern, Leonard Gough Baldwin, 250 Belsize Road NW6
Priory Tavern, Horace E Emly, 57 Elderfield Road E5
Priory Tavern, Reginald D Richards, 37 St Leonards Street E3
Prodigals Return, Jn S Brown, 74 & 76 Battersea Bridge Road SW11
Prospect of Whitby, Jas Thornton Saunders, 57 Wapping Wall E1
Punch Bowl, Mrs Mabel Grace Duckham, 41 Farm Street, Berkley Square W1
Punch House, Knowland Bros Ltd, 12 St Albans Street, Jermyn Street SW1
Punch Tavern, Yates (Taverns) Ltd, 99 Fleet Street EC4
Pyrotechnists Arms, Rt Wm Newman, Nunhead Green SE15

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