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The Hackney 1874 Trade Directory.

Transcribed by Cathy Edge

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St. John Baptist Catholic Institute , 12 London place London fields
St. Matthew (Bethnal Green) Board of Guardian Offices , (William Tullet Howard, solicitor, clerk to the guardians), Bishop's road Bethnal green
St. Thomas Hall (South Hackney college), (Wm Holt & Mrs Mary Sharpley, principals), 25 St. Thomas's road
Salmon Joseph, oilman, 94 Wells street
Sampson Geo, timber dealer, 16A Duncan pl. London fields
Samson Thomas, beer retailer, 35 Wick road
Sargeant John Frank, builder, Tyron's place
Sartain Charles, pawnbroker, 118 Well street
Savage James, stationer, 81 Mare street
Sawyer Benjamin, greengrocer, 144 Mare street
Sawyer Richard, window blind manufacturer, 74 Mare st
Say George, greengrocer, 159 Well street
Scannell John, tailer, Cassland road
Scarfe George, coffee rooms, 7 Approach rd Bethnal green
Schmidt Henry P, baker, Broadway, Grove street
Scoggins Isaac, draper, 291 Mare street
Scott James William, Duke of Cambridge, Loddiges road
Scott Julia (Mrs), ladies' school, 13 Shore road
Searles Henry & Co, grocers, Victoria terrace, Hackney Wick
Sealey Joseph, tin plate worker, Morning lane
Selby Eliza (Mrs), plumber & glazier, 103 Mare street
Shackleford Walter, upholsterer, 404 Mare street
Sharp Thomas, glass bottle maker, 8 London pl. London fields
Shaw Henry King, veterinary surgeon & government inspector of cattle, 180 Mare street & Morning lane
Shaw Isaac, boot maker, 1 Lamb lane, Mare street
Shaw Matthew W., cheesemonger, Broadway, Grove street
Sheath Daniel, hair dresser, 124 Well street
Shenton William J, house agent, 8 Charles terrace, Bishop road, Bethnal green
Shephard Charles, tobacconist, 180 Well street
Sheppard James, locksmith, 17 Mare street
Shiel John, baker, 8 Field view London fields
Shillum John, brush maker, 96 Wick road
Shipman Harriet (Mrs), umbrella maker, 35 Duncan place London fields
Siebert William, baker, 233 Well street
Siggins Henry, boot maker, 245 Well street
Silk Richard Wm., boot & shoe maker, 223 Mare street
Simmon Eliza (Mrs), baby linen warehouse, 295 Mare st
Simmons Henry, Elephant & Castle, Park st. Hackney Wick
Simmons James, Royal hotel, Grove street
Simpson Harry Ernest, physician, 166 Richmond road
Simpson Martha (Miss), juvenile warehouse, 351 Mare st
Sivell David, cheesemonger, 98 Well street
Skeeles Richard, cowkeeper, 1 Park cottage Wick lane
Skinner Francis, builder & contractor, 182 Well street
Slack Thomas, plumber & glazier, Park st. Hackney Wick
Slancy Henry & Co, oil manfrs, Hepscott rd Hackney Wick
Smart Eliza (Mrs), confectioner, 45 Mare street
Smart John, boot & shoe manufacturer, 294 Mare street
Smith Caroline (Miss), milliner, 329 Mare street
Smith Charles, tailor, 156 Mare street
Smith Eliza (Mrs), oilman, 2 Approach road, Bethnal green
Smith Frederick, Green Dragon, 123 Well street
Smith Frederick, greengrocer, 190 Mare street
Smith Fredk. Mortimer, wine & beer mer., 174 Mare street
Smith George Henry, dairy, 1 Pritchard's place, Broadway, London fields
Smith Henry, tobacconist, 148 Mare street
Smith John Charles, chemist, 8 Stanley road
Smith Joseph Turner, hosier, 23 Duncan place, London fields
Smith (Miss), ladies' school, 13 Spurstowe road
Smith Samuel, marine store dealer, 221 Wick road
Smith Sidney, beer retailer, Grove street
Smith Stephen, greengrocer, 7 Well street
Smith Thomas, fishmonger, Park st. Hackney Wick
Smith William, chemist, Broadway Grove street
Soar James, mantle maker, 283 Mare street
Soar Robert, jeweller, 11 Park terrace, Grove street
Soden Rina, baby linen wa, 3 Rosemoreland terrace, Grove St, road
Sorrell Joseph Frederick, tailor & draper, 189 Mare street
Southey Peter, grocer, 173 Well street
Southey Peter, music broker, 137 Well street
Sowerby Mary Ann (Mrs), fancy repository, 6 Paradise row, Paragon
Spurstowe's (Dr) Almshouses, Grove Passage, The Grove
Squires Caroline, marine store dealer, Morning lane
Stacey Charles, tailor, Grove street
Stainer Henry, boot maker, Park st. Hackney Wick
Staines George William, assistant clerk to the board of guardians of Bethnal Green, Bishop's road Bethnal green
Stanley Nathaniel, coal merchant, 17 Banbury terrace, Grove street
Stantiall Martha (Mrs), grocer, 26 Loddiges road
Staples William, plumber, 177 Well street
Steer James, dairyman, 6 Mariner terrace, Cassland road
Steggall William Pitt, Britannia, 279 Mare street
Steib Richard, registrar of births & deaths, 34 Victoria Park road
Steib Richard,jun, Sir John Cass, 52 Victoria Park road
Stevens George, stationer & post office, 232 Well street
Stevens John, greengrocer, 225 Well street
Stevenson George, school, 1 Mina Villas, Grove street
Stevenson Henry, fishmonger, Park st. Hackney Wick
Stevenson Thomas, boot maker, 3 Well street
Stevenson Wm, Francis, Mitford Tavern, Amhurst road
Steward Amelia (Miss), dress maker, 3 Cassland road
Stewart Charles, Lord Duncan, Duncan place, London fields
Stichbury John, coffee rooms, 140 Well street
Stieber George, cheesemonger, 20 Duncan place, London fields
Stiff Richard & Sons, linen drapers, 171 & 173 Mare street
Stock William, greengrocer, 246 Mare street
Stokes Spencer, Paget Arms, Lansdowne road
Stone, Mecham & Co, horse hair ma., Wallis road, Hackney Wk
Stone James, boot maker, 175 Wick street
Stone Robert, builder, Wick lane
Stoneman Peter, cheesemonger, 3 Terrace road
Strange Charles, french polisher, 79 Wick road
Strange Charles, linen draper , 211 Mare street
Strange Thomas, grocer, 150 Well street
Streeton George, cattle dealer, White Post lane, Hackney Wick
Strohmeier George, pork butcher, 210 Well street
Strong Thomas James, cowkeeper, 12 West street, Mare street
Subbings Elizabeth (Mrs), milliner, 79 Mare street
Surridge Thomas & Robert, Queen's Hotel, Grove Street, road
Susans George, carpenter, Cassland road
Sutton Charles, shoe maker, 8 Broadway, London fields
Swan William Henry, draper, 35 Approach road, Bethnal green
Symonds Edward, butcher, 16 Duncan place, London fields
Symonds William, color manufacturer, Wick lane, Old Ford
Symons John, surgeon, 4 Manor villas, Amhurst road east

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