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The Hackney 1874 Trade Directory - HI.

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Hackney College (Rev Samuel McAll, principal; Rev George Lyon Turner, M.A. professor of classics & hebrew; Edward Liddell, mathematical lecturer), 110 West street
Hackney District Surveyors Office (John Johnson, surveyor), 32 Frampton Park road
Hackney Literary & Scientific Instuitution (John R Bowden, hon sec), Mare street
Hackney Office for Registration of Births, Deaths & Marriages (Hackney District) (John Godwin, superintendent registrar), Old Town hall, Mare street
Hackney Savings Bank (David Craven, actuary), Old Town hall, Mare street
Hackney Working Mens Institute (James Lowe, sec), 6 West Street, Mare street
Hacon Edward Dennis, surgeon, 249 Mare street
Hadler Lewis Wm, bookbinder, 5 Twemlow terrace, London Fields
Halford Robert, furniture dealer, 6 Twemlow terrace, London Fields
William Halford, auctioneer, 8 Twemlow terrace, London Fields
Hall Charles, professor of dancing, 111 Mare street
Hall Edgar, Homeopathic surgeon, 19 Victoria Park road
Hall Edward, boot & shoe maker, 3 Mare street
Hall James, coffee rooms, 25 West street, Mare street
Hall John, Baker, 370 Mare street
Hall Nathaniel, beer retailer, West street, Well Street
Hall Thomas, grocer & oilman, 13 Chesterford terrace, Stanley road
Hallett Samuel Henry, fishmonger, 340 Mare street
Hammon William Henry, tailor, 107a Mare street
Hanna Robert Henry, grocer & cheesemonger, 1 Mariner terrace, Cassland road
Hardisty Sarah (Mrs), shopkeeper, Windsor road, White Post lane
Hardwick John house etc agent, 3 Eaton terrace, Grove street road
Harle Eyra, surgeon, 4 Norfolk terrace, Darnley road
Harling Joseph William, solicitor, 11 Manor gardens, Amhurst road east
Harling William Henry, mathematical drawing instrument maker, 9 London place, London fields
Harlock David, livery stables, 315 Mare street
Harris Berryman, cheesemonger & poulterer, 300 Mare street
Harris James, coal merchant, 4 Park cottages, Grove street
Harris John, beer retailer, 160 Mare street
Harris John, veterinary surgeon & farrier, 392 mare street
Harris Michael, surgeon, 1 Darnley crescent, Darnley road
Harris Robert, surgeon, 1 Darnley crescent, Darnley road
Harrison Elizabeth (Mrs), crape dresser, 185 Well street
Harrison George, plumber, 11 The Grove, Mare street
Harry William, family grocer, cheesemonger & provision dealer, Tower street, London fields
Hartshorne B, linen draper, 133 Mare street
Harvell Ebenezer James, oilman, 232 Mare street
Harverson John, plumber, 10 Well street
Harvey Richard Merritt, dyer, 132 Well street
Harwood William & Son, builders, 116 mare street
Harwood William, china & glass dealer, 118 Mare street
Hassall Thomas, baker, 33 Mare street
Hastings Miss, ladies school, 3 The Grove, Mare street
Hawes James, undertaker, 249 Well street
Hawkes Benjamin, umbrella maker, 304 Mare street
Hawkins Caroline Mrs, laundress, Grove house, Grove passage
Haydon William, greengrocer, 4 Field view, London fields
Haynes Samuel James, hair dresser, Grove place
Haysman Wenteelas, cabinet maker, 9 Grove street road
Haywood & Hopkins, button manufacturers, Hepscott road, Hackney Wick
Heaps Joseph, greengrocer & fishmonger, 3 West street, Mare street
Heathcote Emily (Miss), ladies school, Wilton house, Tudor road
Hebert Lydia C (Mrs), toy dealer, 5 Amhurst road east
Hedge Charles, fruiterer, 284 Mare street
Hendy John Lawrence, linen draper, 228 & 230 Wells street
Herbert John, grocer, 21 West street, Mare street
Herring James, furniture dealer, 2 Ebenezer place, London fields
Hews John, boot & shoe maker, Cassland road
Hickey John, beer retailer, 298 Mare street
Hicks George Borlase, M.D. physician, 8 Mitford crescent
Hill George, cabinet maker, 135 Well street
Hill George, tailor, 367 Mare street
Hill James, tea dealer, 188 Well street
Hilton James Earhart, linen draper, 91 Mare street
Hind John, dentist, 36 Well street
Hind George, dyer, 1 Market row, Cassland road
Hipgrave Elizabeth (Mrs), Marion Arms, Lansdowne road
Hitchman George, butcher, 153 Well street
Hobbs Charles D, ironmonger, 154 Victoria Park road
Hobson Katharine (Mrs), milliner, 198 Mare street
Hockaday Henry, greengrocer, 146 Victoria Park road
Hodgkinson George Arthur, chemist, 1 Amhurst road east
Hodgson Robert, linen draper, 407 Mare street
Hodsoll Ambrose E, gas fitter, 316a Mare street
Hoggard John, beer retailer, White Post Lane, Hackney Wick
Holder William, ladies outfitter, 3 Windsor terrace, Cassland road
Holdsworth Henry John, plumber, 2 Morning lane
Hole Henry, greengrocer, 17 Duncan place, London fields
Holland & Brangwin, ironmongers, 150 & 260 Mare street
Holland Eliza (Mrs), shopkeeper, 83 Wick road
Holland Sophia (Mrs), furniture dealer, 148 Well street
Holloway Emily (Miss), shopkeeper, Park street, Hackney Wick
Holmes James, coffee rooms, Grove street
Holmes William, nursery & seedsman, Frampton Park road
Holmesby Peter, cheesemonger, 213 Mare street
Holtham William & Son, tailors, 322 Mare street
Holton James, coffee rooms, 10 Morning lane
Homer Brothers, publicans, 165 Mare street
Homer Alfred, Three Mariners, Cassland road
Homer Edward Charles, civil engineer, 3 Napier terrace, Dalston lane
Hooper Robert, shopkeeper, 10 Medina place, Sheep lane, London fields
Horlock William, bell hanger, Morning lane
Horsley Wm rope & twine manufacturer, White Post lane
Hough Catherine (Miss), ladies school, 3 Portland terrace, Grove street
Houghton Mary Ann (Mrs), milliner & furrier, 309 Mare street
Houghton Thomas, upholsterer, 3 Devon place, Morning lane
Houlston John, Lea Tavern, White Post lane
House James, tailor, 115 Mare street
Howe William, gas fitter, 114 Well street
Howard George, boor maker, 328 Mare street
Howard William Tullett, solicitor, clerk to the guardians & superintendent registrar, Bishops road, Bethnal Green
Hubbard John, dyer etc, 169 Mare street
Hudson Francis Mead, cheesemonger, 330 Mare street
Hudson Thomas, baker, 297 Mare street
Hudson William Horatio, plumber, Morning lane
Hughes Frederick, marine store dealer, 130 Well street
Hughes William, braid maker, 1 Church terrace, Bonner road, Bethnal Green
Hughes William, shopkeeper, 10 Wick road
Hunt Edward, tea & wine & spirit merchant, 4 Pritchards place, Broadway, London fields
Hunt John, butcher, 5 West street, Mare street
Hurlock John, fishmonger, 104 Well street
Hurst Charles Thomas, baker, 6 Well street
Hutt David, Three Cranes, 359 Mare street
Hutt William, linen draper, 9 Broadway, London fields
Hyde & Wood, laundry, 111 Well street
Hynam John, chemical light manufacturer, Wick lane, Old Ford

Ibbetson James, grocer, 389 Mare street
Ibllee & Horne, printing ink manufacturers, White Post lane, Hackney Wick
Imperial Gas, Light & Coke Co (district office) (henry William Carter, inspector), 130 Mare street
Ingram Henry St John, architect, 33 Victoria Park road
Inland Revenue Office (John Carter Colquhon, surveyor of taxes), Amhurst road east
Institute for Destitute Orphan Girls (Mrs Mary Ann parsons, superintendant), Chatham place west
Ison George, florist, Archway nursery, Shore road

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